Institutions That Provide Help With Taxes

What to think through when you need help with taxes

The Internal Revenue Service has joined forces with a number of institutions to help certain individuals and families work through tax issues using the turbo tax system. This comes especially when closing dates for submitting income taxes is pending.

Here are some of these institutions.

The IRS, Department of Justice and the Community Relations Division of the Burlington Police Department through the Weed and Seed program provide free turbo tax preparation and e-filing to individuals with low income. However, only single individuals, earning not more than $30,000 per year, and single individuals with dependents filing together or not, making not more than $50,000 per year qualify for this program.

Elon University, particularly the Beta Alpha Psi and the accounting and finance professional society on the campus, is also in partner with the IRS. The services are offered to competent tax payers on campus include e-filing basic returns through a clinic which is being held every Wednesday and Saturday at the Holly Hill Mall, with the exception of 17th, 21st and 24th of March.

However, according to Rhonda Farmer, the director of Academy of Finance, residence of Alamance County will be short of one outlet. The Walter Williams High School, which has been offering tax assistance to low and moderate income earners, will not be hosting the program this year.

This is because the school is short of manpower considering how concentrated the program usually is. According to Farmer, the school, students and even she have been going through a lot of strain after the loss of two of the school’s business teachers.

She also added that initially, the IRS never sent back an acceptance confirmation to the school, even after submitting the returns prepared by the students, teachers and her.

She insisted that the preparation was always an intense program.

Regardless of the challenges, she wishes for the program to be reestablished at the school

This is because, apart from helping the community, the students always learned a lot and gained certain skills from the program.

If an individual needs help with taxes from any IRS partners, he must avail certain documentation. These include a photo ID, social security cards, birth dates, income statements in either of these forms W-2, W-2G or 1099-R and proof of bank account routing numbers.