Watch Out For Tax Scams

Twelve tax scams to watch out for.

Be wary of anyone sending you an email claiming to be from TurboTax or the IRS. These people could be identity thieves and not who they say they are. Never reply to an anonymous email that wants to know your personal information.

Instead of replying to an email always call the organization that you are dealing with yourself. Do not go to any links that are in the email because they could be sending you to an unsafe website. Keep reading to learn the twelve most popular tax scams out there. Remember if you are caught in any sort of tax scam, then you will have to pay for it.

1. Offshore accounts. People will try and evade paying United States taxes by placing their money in hidden offshore accounts.

2. Stealing someone’s identity. If you get an email that looks suspicious, then send it [email protected]

3. Tax preparer fraud. Some tax preparers will steal a portion of their client’s refund, so be sure that you only deal with a registered IRS tax preparer.

4. Filing false forms and trying to get money that they are not entitled to.

5. Fake Arguments that are just promoting a way for people to avoid paying what they owe in taxes.

6. Social security with to much withholding credit.

7. Deducting to much for charities and other tax-exempt companies.

8. Abusing their retirement plans.

9. Corporate ownership disguised as a third party.

10. Filing a false zero wage return.

11. Avoiding taxes through trusts.

12. Exaggerated fuel tax credits.

If you are aware of any type of tax fraud, then call the IRS at 1-800- 829- 3676 or use form 3949-A. You might be rewarded for your honesty by filing form 211 and following the proper procedures that are discussed in Notice 2008-4.

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  1. This is a great writeup of the IRS dirty dozen of common tax scams. It is always better to pay your taxes in full, as you will always come out better in the long run and avoid penalties and interest.

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