The ‘Buffett Rule’ For Millionaires – Would It Work?

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Warren Buffet is a known millionaire – one that has worked his way through life and followed the tax rules. He has many employees. Recently, attention has been called to the fact that his secretary pays less in taxes (or is put to a lower tax rate than he).

Those that see this as impossible simply have not looked at the various head’s of company’s in the past. Yes, they make more money, but yes, they are responsible for a lot more and have to determine how to pay all the bills for a company, hire many employees and allocate benefits for those that work for them. This is why they are able to decrease their taxes because they have businesses and therefore have tax loops and breaks.

Having a business is how the world works. If no one is able to own a business because it is too expensive, then less people have work. One company may employ a variety of people. Their expenses are astronomical. By putting enormous tax burdens on employers, the employment situation will get very dire, more than it already is.

The “Warren Buffett Rule” takes place only in a society where everyone would be consider to make equal wages and pay out equally for where they work. Since that will never be the case, it would simply be impossible to do. By super taxing the very rich and those that own companies and strange predicament would happen. More people would lose their jobs because it would simply have to be.

Fair tax breaks for companies is the only clear way to keep an economy solvent. When companies can’t afford to pay people to work, then the people without jobs can’t afford to do anything and that stops the economy, putting it at far more peril than if people were employed.

The richest people spend more money. They keep a lot of things afloat when they go about vacationing and dining in expensive places. Taxing them enormously will keep them from doing what they need or want to do. When they are out and about they keep many people working in all different industries. That is the way that it will work to the benefit of most people.

Next time someone wants to know how much another is paying in taxes, the clear safe bet is to do your own, pay your own and be glad you have a job. The minute that a person succumbs to the argument of making the rich pay more than the poor, will in turn cause the poorest of all to become unemployed, virtually creating a mere depression of sorts.

The taxes should remain the same, at least for now. More jobs will have promise without raising any taxes. In fact, the more jobs that are created, the better the economy will improve. Otherwise there will be an economic disaster.

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