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Tips On Preventing Tax Refund Identity Theft

Tax Refund Identity Theft

Tax filing tips can help someone prevent tax refund identity theft, but there are tax filing tips that can keep someone from becoming a citric of this crime when he is filing his taxes 2011 or his taxes for any other year.  There is vital information a person must place on every return. The return needs his name and his social security number. He needs to be honest about his income, but if more than one social security return is filed for the same  number may or may not send up a red flag. The … Read more at 2011 Taxes.

Stock Market Trading Tips for Value Investors


On the out-set the stock market can seem intimidating.  Most people don’t understand how it works, and many people are under the assumption that a simple savings account is a safe investment.  What many fail to realize is that with the inflation rate where it is, having a savings account is just throwing your money down the drain.  Investing in the stock market is a bit trickier but by doing a little research and having a qualified brokerage on your side it’s no different than learning to drive a car.  From there everything relies on how well you can pick … Read more at 2011 Taxes.