Ways to make the Most out of a Charitable Donation

Any way you slice it, charitable donations are a plus for everyone involved. When you decide that it’s finally time to give back, there are countless ways to do so. But how do you make the most out of your decision to help out? There certainly isn’t anything wrong with maximizing your return on your donation, and helping out is easy. Here are a few things you may want to consider.


This is the simplest way to give back to your local community, and potentially the most rewarding. Anyone can donate money, but to give up your free time in the support of the less fortunate is truly the definition of charitable. Every community is loaded with opportunities to do so. From food banks to home repair to hospitals and retirement communities, the possibilities are as endless as they are rewarding.

Make a donation

If volunteering is not in the cards for you for whatever reason, consider making a donation. Again, there are tons of options here. Although passing cash out of your car window may not be ideal, donation money to a charity is nearly as simple. Food banks take canned and dry goods, many places will take a bag of clothes off your own front step, and there are plenty of places to drive in and drop off. Consider that every time you drop off a bag of clothes, you are also lightening your own, certainly overstuffed closet. many people have clothes that are perfectly fine, and have not been worn in years, sometimes decades. Release yourself from this burden of too much stuff while helping people clothe themselves. This is especially true during the winter, when people are trying to stay warm.

Make a gift out of it

Everyone has an aunt or uncle who during the holidays donates money toward a well in Africa or an animal in India. Although it’s true that these gifts can sometimes be a bore to open, they do immense good across the world. Giving the gift of clean water or life giving goat to people you will never meet is still a worthwhile endeavor and makes everyone feel better about themselves. There are many online sources for this type of donation, so finding one is a snap. Plus, you get the added benefit of:

Writing it off

Nearly all of your charitable donations can be used as a tax write off. Donations of food, clothes, furniture, cars, and computers just to name a few will certainly come with a receipt that can be plugged into your taxes to lighten your own burden come that time of year. While this shouldn’t be your driving force for helping out(after all, how much write off can one person possibly have), it is a bonus for you for helping others. So, with no negatives involved at all, why not help out with a donation of your time, money, food, or old clothes and household items? It truly is a win-win for all parties involved.

George Gallagher is a persona finance writer and blogging enthusiast.  He has also been working with students to fund their education with the best private student loans.