Taxes: How To Obtain Information You May Need

When filing their 2011 taxes a taxpayer may need to look at their past tax return for a vital piece of information.   This information is available from the Internal Revenue Service.   When attempting to obtain this information there are certain criteria you must know.

  1. The IRS offers three ways to obtain this information.   You may ask for it in a written letter, search for it online or you may call them by phone.  You can also obtain forms to file your 2011 taxes through these options.
  2. This is a free service for a transcript and records are available from the IRS from as far back as the last three previous years.
  3. This transcript will only be for the original tax form filed with any attachments that were included.  If you filed a corrected return this will not show on the transcript.
  4. You can request a tax account transcript that will reflect any changes made after the initial filing.  These transcripts will reflect personal information, schedule of tax return and your adjusted gross income.
  5. This information can be obtained by logging on to  On the left side of the webpage under online services you will find a tool  a link called Order Tax Return or Account Transcript or if you prefer to call the toll free number is 800-908-9946.  You will receive a voice prompt that will guide you to what you need.   These options take about 5-10 business days to receive your transcripts.
  6. If you like doing everything in writing and have time to wait 30 days for this transcript you can request the forms by mail.  You will need to use Forms 4506T or 4506T-EZ to order by mail.
  7. To receive copies of returns older than 3 years old, you will need to complete the Form 4506 and mail it with $57 to the Internal Revenue Service listed or your area.  It is recommended that you allow 60 days to receive these returns.
  8. You can obtain the printable forms you need to request a transcript at the IRS’ website or call and request them from 800-TAX-FORM.

The Internal Revenue Service has made obtaining copies of your tax returns easy by following these suggestions.   If you need a past tax return for information requested on your 2011 taxes, everything you need is available and easily obtainable through three simple options.

Why Everyone Should Use IRS Efile

E-filing the fastest way and easiest way to submit a tax return. Everyone is doing it. 99 million people in 2010 transmitted their tax returns electronically to the Internal Revenue Service. These 70% of the taxpayers know everyone should use this fast, easy service.

Starting in 2011 both the people who pay taxes and those who prepare taxes will see an important change. As of January 1, 2011 people who are paid to process 1040s must be qualified to submit these returns by e-file. Volunteers are exempt. Anyone requiring more information can find it at the IRS website.

Taxpayers should try electronic filing. Fewer people mail their tax returns or prepare paper 1040s every year for a good reason.

Electronic filing is safer and protected. Within two days the IRS notifies the taxpayer the documents had been received. If there is an error, the 1040s returned for corrections.

E-filing= Quicker Money & More Ways To Get It

By combining e-filing and direct deposit, taxpayers can get their refund in as little as 10 days. Almost 75% of the returns have refunds. $2900 was the average amount overpaid.

Taxpayers can choose the option they want with e-filed returns. Those who file early can pick a withdrawal date up to April 15. Taxpayers can pay by a mailing a check with a voucher or by credit card.

E-file Gets It Done

There are three ways to e-file. Tax preparers can do it for their clients. Commercial software for preparing tax returns can automatically send it. A free tax preparation and filing service called Free File is available online. Or at the IRS website.

As the number of people preparing taxes on their own computers is growing, there are a number of software programs designed to assist. One of these is Free File which asks simple, clear questions and helps people navigate through complex issues by the answers provided. However the return is prepared, E-file is the way to go.

Tax Tips for Consultants

Finding the right tax tips for consultants can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. Taxes can be a painful and expensive part of doing business as an entrepreneur. The government will always get its portion, but knowing the rules and making the most of them can help reduce the amount that has to be paid when April rolls around.

Becoming aware of certain tax benefits can give consultants and other entrepreneurs the needed boost to finances. It is always a good idea to take some time to talk to a tax professional to be sure that all possible angles have been covered and all regulations have been meet when it comes to dealing with the tax code.

Top Tax Tips for Consultants

1. Working from home means a wide range of things to entrepreneurs. To make the most of tax deductions, it is important to set aside a space that is used for the business. Having a designated office space will allow the entrepreneur to deduct a portion of household expenses (including mortgage payments, electric bills, and even housekeeping) that is equal to the portion of the house dedicated to the business. Measure out the office space and get that figure, along with the total square footage of the home, to the accountant.

2. Technology can do more than help run a business. The cost of doing things in this day and age can also serve as major tax deductions for consultants. Internet service, cell phone connections and even television may all be candidates for tax deductions for consultants. The major issue is always whether or not the service, space or product is used mainly or in its entirety for the business. Personal use of an item or space will decrease the amount of the value that can be used towards a tax deduction.

3. Many work from home consultants choose the path in order to care for their children in the home. It can still be a benefit to deduct some expenses that might be associated with childcare. When a business person hires someone to work in the home to help care for the children in order to free up time to work, that employment can usually be deducted as a business expense. Even day camps, that go on while the parent is working, can be deducted in the same percentage as traditional childcare.

4. Equipment deductions and credits are still available for many businesses. Special exemptions have been made to allow small businesses to expand. The cost of expansion can be calculated into a tax credit when taxes are filed in the New Year. Equipment can also be deducted in full, or may have to be deducted over the life of the equipment (usually five to ten years). Keep in mind that the income from sales of equipment that has been used for deductions will count into the gross income of the business for the year that it sold.

5. Mileage costs can add up for consultants. Driving to meeting or even just to the post office can drive up the cost of doing business. Investing in a log that helps keep track of ever trip and any additional costs associated with the trip (like meals) will make it possible to use the mileage on tax forms that could result in large deductions for the business.

The more funding that a business can save through credits and deductions then the more potential earnings that may be discovered. Changing a few techniques can save big money for entrepreneurs. The right tax tips for consultants can be the difference between financial success and monetary ruin for a business.

Mark has been in personal finance for 4 years, he currently blogs about the best places to find an online insurance quotes.

When Is The Achievement Of Debt Relief Impossible To Happen?

Even if there are several means present nowadays to help you achieve debt relief, there are still certain instances in which it is just impossible to happen. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Though debt relief does not necessarily mean totally blowing away your debts but rather reduce it to a tolerable amount, still such state is impossible to happen in certain instances. Why? Read on to know more about the answers.

First of all, your attitude towards managing your debts adversely affects the result. If you are optimistic enough that your debt related problems will soon be gone, it will really be gone. However, if you keep on thinking that you are stuck to it and there’s no way out, of course that will really happen. Your attitude towards your problem is translated on your actions. Thus, if you think negatively, you will act negatively as well.

Another instance that will make debt relief impossible is when you still stick to what you normally do- living a luxurious life, buying items that are not necessary, going for grand yet uncalled for vacation, endless shopping and many others. If you know that you are already buried in burdens, cut all these activities. Live a simple life. If you still go on with that life, you’ll probably incur more debts.

Finally, when you are too passive, nothing will happen. If you just look at your debt problems, it will just blow up. In short, penalties will accumulate until such time you can’t bear them anymore. Running away from it will also do you no good. It will just add up to your problem. Your fear of facing the problem as well as your passivity makes its solution way too impossible.

If you have finally realized to stop these old ways and make your move, check out more ideas on debt relief as well as on retirement investing at Free Financial Planning Advice.

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Choosing a Management Private Wealth Adviser

Management private wealth advisers can help those in any income bracket become better prepared for the future. These professionals can offer input into everything from knowing how much savings one will require going into retirement to what percentage of their income should be invested into various investment portfolios. For many, the thought of planning their finances is a bit intimidating. This intimidation can lead to being under prepared when the time does come to finally retire. In order to ensure that you are ready for any financial situation that is to come, consider partnering with such an adviser.

Though the name may imply that these advisers only work with the wealthiest clients, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, many companies offer consultations with these advisers as part of their standard employee benefits package. No matter what your salary, they can give you advice on what percentage of your income should be put into a 401K, how much you should be investing, and even whether or not you are at a point in your life to make any large property investments. They can help anyone navigate the sometimes confusing financial world and ensure that their money is working for them.

For those who have just been named in a will, general wealth planning advise may not be the best choice. Instead, find an attorney or accountant who specializes in inheritance tax planning advise. They can give you information on how any inheritance that you receive should be reported for tax purposes, as well as how to plan your will to reduce the tax burden on your family.

Dealing with personal finances is a complicated matter that can have a huge impact on your future stability. If you are looking for help in determining how to use your money in the best possible way, seek out the advice of a management private wealth adviser.