Saving Money With The Child Tax Credit

Saving Money With The Child Tax Credit

A lot of Canadians have no idea they qualify for the Child Tax Credit or what it is. They think it is for low income families, or they have altogether never heard of this credit. Even if you are okay without the rebate, Turbo Tax 2013 encourages you to make a claim.

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The tax assessor’s office should be aware of any children in your household born before the end of 2012. For every child born into a Canadian household during the fiscal year (even late in December), it is possible to enjoy a rebate on taxes. When you fill out your Turbo Tax 2013 forms, make sure this section is completed thoroughly. For every child in your home you could be receiving a Child Tax Credit which amounts to a hundred or a few hundred dollars every month.

The Child Tax Credit was implemented to help families earning under a certain amount annually. It is not specific to locations: if you live in an area where cost of living is high, meaning wages are also high, this is not part of the calculation.

The Canadian government is simply looking at how much money a single individual earns or the joint income of a family. They automatically decide whether or not to grant a parent or parents this credit based on income. If your earnings have decreased recently, you could see your first tax rebate soon. Keep this in mind if you are currently filling out your Turbo Tax 2013 forms and expect a refund in the mail.

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