Beware Of Identity Theft

Beware Of Identity Theft

Couple accused of stealing identities in order to receive over one million in tax refunds.

Authorities state that a couple are accused of stealing over five hundred and fifty identities from people in order to acquire one and a third million dollars in tax refunds in 2011.

Samantha Towns, 30, and Roma Sims, 34, have been arrested and will have hearings today in the United States District Court. The couple are being charged with identity theft, wire fraud and conspiracy.

Multiple victims are from the state of Kentucky and many claim their income from disability or other government assistance, according to LIsa DiSalvo an IRS agent investigating the case.

DiSalvo stated the theft had been identified as a criminal complaint through the IRS Scheme Detection Center. This department seeks out fraud through identification of numerous refunds deposited into individual bank accounts, multiple tax refunds filed through one Internet address, discovery of deductions on tax returns and unverifiable incomes.

Sims from 1253 Flagstone Square in Westerville and Towns from 2681 John Steven Way in Reynoldsburg, operated their plan posing as X-Press Taxes and Accounting Services and Express Tax & Accounting according to the IRS.

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