Tax Help For Those Who Clean Houses And Drive Cabs

For those who need help with their tax filing but cannot afford to hire a professional themselves, free help can be found right in their communities with IRS funded tax professionals. However, those that work for themselves may not be able to use this program if they have made a large sum of income from their business.

This is an unfortunate fact for those 13 million businesses that make under $50,000 a year, as this amount would allow them to qualify for the free help if they were filing as an individual. It is likely that a person who is self-employed as a cab driver, housekeeper or performing some other type of day labor would benefit from the knowledge of a tax preparer.

Beginning in 2006, the Corporation for Enterprise Development started assisting groups in 18 communities across the U.S. in making this help available to thousands of businesses. It is their goal to reach out to business owners and help to connect them to educational and financial services in order to assure that they have the tools needed to become successful.

Tax time is a moment when the reality of business ownership can really hit a person. They often are using an informal business as supplemental income which makes the need for tax help greater.

The CFED desires that the IRS would allow more low and middle class small businesses to benefit from the free tax services.

Often those who do not qualify for the free tax help will be referred to other organizations that will provide the turbo tax services at a discounted price.

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