The Brownback Plan For Taxes Is Not Well Thought Out

The Brownback plan for 2012 taxes has not been thought out very well by the Kansas Governor. Many of the people who are lower class income or below will see a rise in paying taxes, whereas those in a high class income will see higher tax cuts. These figures were produced by the Governor’s own Department of Revenue, showing that the plan will work like a Robin Hood movie in reverse, taking from poorer homes and giving to richer homes.

Brownback’s plan reduces the highest tax bracket to barely five percent, and leans heavily on eradicating tax deductions and credits, which includes home mortgage deductions, charity deductions, sales tax deductions, and earned income credits which benefit the poor by allowing them to keep more of the money they earn, to be used as is necessary. Increasing the price of taxes on the poorer and impoverished people while providing tax cuts to more affluent and wealthy people is wrong. There should be consistency in taxation policies, and one policy should evenly apply to all income classes.

The Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, should have thought out a much better plan for the 2012 taxes, as it simply is not right to raise taxes on those that need their money, and it is not beneficial for them in any way. More affluent families can afford to pay more in taxes, as they have more money in general. This is an obvious point that should not be neglected when thinking up a tax plan.

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