The Recent Tax Scandals Of Hollywood Stars

Nothing but taxes and death are certain in this world, and you have probably heard this said before. Hollywood stars such as Sinbad, Pam Anderson, Nicolas Cage, Marc Anthony, Martha Stewart and others have had to learn this lesson in a very difficult fashion.  These celebs found themselves in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service, likely resulting from tax evasion, failure to file and remit taxes or attempting to cheat the system.

Lindsay Lohan did not remember to pay her income taxes in 2009, but there will not be a public assessment of her almost six-figure tax debt.  Steve Honig, her spokesman, declared to the Daily News that Lindsay’s personal finances are her own business, rather than a matter to be considered and discussed in the public arena.  This statement was made after the news of the starlet’s financial woes hit mainstream media. has reported that documents that have been filed in Southern California, however, reveal that the star of ‘Freaky Friday’ owes nearly $94k in unpaid tax debt as the result of her failure to remit her 2008 income taxes.

Hip-Hop legend Run-DMC, Reveverend Run apparently has two celebutante daughters who have failed to pay taxes as well.  Angela and Vanessa Simmons, known best for their four seasons of appearances on the MTV reality show ‘Run’s House’ owe almost a half million dollars in taxes as per the Tax Watchdog column of the Detroit News.  Just over $225k is owed by 24 year old Angela Simmons according to liens that have been filed on behalf of the US government in New York as well as by state of California officials in Sacramento.  28 year old Vanessa owes nearly $225k in back taxes as revealed by similar findings.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley, also known as the ‘Uptown Girl’ owes $531k in unpaid taxes according to records.  She was ordered to pay these monies in November of 2011  when a lien was filed against the model in Suffolk County on behalf of her tax debt.  At 57, Brinkley is estimated to have a net worth of $80 million resulting from high-value real estate holdings.  Four-times divorced, this mom has been acting and modeling since her 1973 discovery in Paris.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne may want to consider firing their accountant.  Or taking on a reputable tax attorney.

These two, according to owe in excess of $1.7 to the IRS in taxes.  Per legal documents on file with the IRS the Osbournes own over $700k for 2007 and an addition $1.03 million for unpaid takes for 2009.  These, however, are not the only Osbournes with tax issues.

Kelly Osbourne, their child, is busy building up her own considerable debt in taxes as well.  She is reported to have as much as $34k in tax debt.

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