Do High Yield Safe Investments Exist In Investing

High yield safe investments are what every investor is looking for.  However, finding them is not always easy.

If safe high yield investments were plentiful then they would not be considered high yield.  If everyone had the same opportunity to invest then returns would be average.

When you think of a safe investment most of the time you think about CDs and bonds issued by the government.  The only problem is they only net you anywhere from 2-3% on your money.  One investment to consider is fixed annuities.  They are offered by many finance firms.  They do not get you past the 10% mark but it is a start.

Many of these annuities can get you at least a 5% return on your money.  So that is nearly double what a CD or bond can get you.  Insurance companies that offer annuities are great because of the money being tax deferred.

You want to be very careful when selecting your company.  Check their financial records and see if they are making a profit.  You do not want them to default on your money.

Because of this you really need to pay attention to their financial history.  If they have a long history of being profitable and there is a steady stream of income and profit then it is a safe investment.

If you are trying to get higher than 5% there are a lot of other options.  Make sure you get expert financial advice before attempting investing in any of these: currencies, forex, stocks, and real estate.  These are riskier but can earn you a lot of money.

To be honest the higher the risk the greater the return or loss.  Such is the nature with these types of investments.

A lot of those high risk investments are just like playing the lottery.  You can do well and get a very high return on your money.  Or you can lose it all.  With an annuity you are guaranteed money every year and they can be a great choice for the long term investor.

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