Stock Market Trading Tips for Value Investors

On the out-set the stock market can seem intimidating.  Most people don’t understand how it works, and many people are under the assumption that a simple savings account is a safe investment.  What many fail to realize is that with the inflation rate where it is, having a savings account is just throwing your money down the drain.  Investing in the stock market is a bit trickier but by doing a little research and having a qualified brokerage on your side it’s no different than learning to drive a car.  From there everything relies on how well you can pick stocks out.

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to picking stock; however, one universal quality that all investors should strive for is a diverse portfolio.  What that means is that you’ll want a variety of businesses and industries covered in your stock portfolio.  Diversification is a tool that works something like commercial insurance, where if one major industry declines, you will be able to reap-above average returns from another sectors. For example, in a recession, the tech market may start falling, but grocery stores and large retail mixed goods stores may rise, offsetting your loss.

Some other stock market trading tips when investing are to invest in what you know.  Pick companies whose products you know inside and out, that way when they make any changes you’ll know if it is a positive one that will help your stock portfolio, or if it may have been a poor choice on their part that could hurt your portfolio.  The next step is diversifying risk.  If you’re young, you can afford to invest in some cheaper, more risky stocks, on the basis that you have more time in your life to recover from a bad investment, and risky stocks can pay off really well.  However it is always good to have a few secure companies that you know aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Products like Microsoft, Apple, Union Pacific, etc. will likely be around for decades to come, if not longer.

No matter how you invest your money, just make sure that you diversify everything possible!  Diversify risk into both risky stocks and safe stocks.  Diversify your industrial sectors, and diversify within these sectors down to the individual companies.

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