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Self Employment Tax Issues


People often get so swept up in the first exciting year of starting their own business, going freelance or contracting that they forget some of the more mundane, but nevertheless important changes that self-employment will bring. Along with a renewed passion for your career and control over your own destiny and potentially far greater financial rewards, there are also a number of downsides and financial hurdles to setting out on your own.

Self Employment Tax will be one of those hurdles. Self-Employment Tax is a tax that you were never required to pay as an employee, but essentially it is … Read more at 2011 Taxes.

Inheritance Planning Takes Careful Consideration


When someone inherits a sum of money from a loved one, there is a certain level of healthy stress that is created. It can be exciting to know that you’re about to receive an amount of money, no matter how large it is, but it’s important to contain the stress and use it for good reasons. This energy should be put toward inheritance planning in order to ensure that only smart moves are made with the money. If you have a list in your mind of what you’ll spend it on, it helps to write it down and evaluate the … Read more at 2011 Taxes.

Simple and Clear Debt Solutions


A downward turn in the economy may cause a job loss and more expense in relation to income, even for the best of money managers. It can be especially difficult to handle your finances in these economically challenging times. It seems at times the downturn is unending, resulting in mounting debt that is not preventable. There are various resources, however, that may help you to regain a more firm financial footing within the worst of times, even enabling your transforming debt into wealth. You may end up with a more solid financial future if you make clear debt Read more at 2011 Taxes.

Back Taxes and the Move to Settle Them


It is very much normal for people to move into the process to settle tax debt to make their records straight. With a good standing history of paying taxes, you get better chances of higher loan approvals. To settle IRS tax debt, you need to get an installment agreement with the local government unit. This contract is to act as a process of paying monthly returns to the concerned agency to pay the liabilities. Basically, the agreement is defined as an arrangement between the government and the taxpayer over a certain period of time.

The creation of this … Read more at 2011 Taxes.